Tasty-Fruity – Honeydew – Shortfill

Tasty Fruity ? Honeydew
Tasty Fruity made this to be a real treat of milky honeydew blend. If you love the unusual taste of honeydew then this is definitely one to try. Embrace the most powerful super rich blend of milky Honeydew total pleasure impressive taste


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100ml, 200ml


Tasty Fruity is high quality e-liquids made in Malaysia giving you a variety of e-liquids to choose from. They originally brought to the market 100ml and 200ml bottles which means they will last you even longer. Leaving room for nicotine so you can add a booster if needed.
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VG/PG Ratio
Honeydew e-liquid is a 70% VG and 30% PG.
? High VG Liquids will give you a smoother feeling when inhaled also ideal for cloud chaser as high VG makes more clouds.
? High PG liquids will produce less vapour smoke and more of a throat hit.

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