Kits & Mods

We supply a large range of vape kits with over
from the biggest brands, including SMOOK, Geekvape,
Voopoo, aspire and much more.
C.G.M VAPE supplies mods and kits in many different
shapes and sizes, from disposable vape devices to sub
ohm devices, we offer the best vape kits at the best
price also we stock always the newest models that
arrive in UK.

What is a vape kit?

Vape Kit is a classic refilling vape device.
Classic vape kits are rechargeable and refillable
types of e-cigs consisting of a battery and a tank
that can be filled with E-Liquid or vape oil juice.

What is included in a Vape Kit?

Vape Starter Kits will contain almost everything
you need to start vaping, You only need to purchase e-liquid separately, for starter vape kits we recommend a 50%/50% VG/PG ratio. Inside any vape kit box, you will get a battery unit,
a tank or pod depending on the model you choose
and a charging cable. Some of the vaping
advanced kits do not have a built-in battery, and
you will need to purchase a battery.

What are the different types of vape kits?

With so many different types of vape kits on the
market, it can be a mind-boggling task to find the
right one for you.
Vape kits come as:
1) Disposable vape kit (pre-fill vape device)
2) Pod system vape kit
3) Box mod vape kits
4) Sub Ohm vape kits

What vapes are good for beginners?

As a beginner, you might find the vaping world a little
confusing – and that’s okay! C.G.M VAPE team is here
to help. As a beginner, your can start your vape joinery we
suggest 1 of the pod system vape kit like aspire Flexus
you can use it with all 10ml 50/50 juices freebase
nicotine e-juice or salt nicotine e-juices

How much is a vape kit in the UK?

You might be shocked to learn that vaping is
substantially less expensive than smoking. After damag
e reduction and health, money is one of the main reason
s individuals seek to stop smoking.
C.G.M VAPE brings the full starter kits for only £10 – £20
less than the price of 1 pack of cigarettes. If you buy 1
bottle of 10ml e-liquid for £2,5 that means just that will
last you more than 100 cigarettes.